Sawney White Bird - Ceilidh evenings

We are a ceilidh band that includes a caller in our number. We can provide a compact ceilidh experience with Jane calling (and playing!).

We are very happy to work with other callers!

Hire us as your ceilidh band!

SWB :: Hire us for a Ceilidh Introductory Evening

Hire a hall - and invite your audience - promise them an entertaining evening.

We turn up and do a quick introduction to the basics of English ceilidh dancing - just to warm you up and make sure we dispel any fears!

We than have a traditional SWB Ceilidh.

SWB :: Hire us for a Ceilidh/Bal!

Our Ceilidh/Bal gives you two or three hours of dancing where we mix up a bit of Balfolk with the Ceilidh.

We will play the dances - calling the Ceilidh dances in the traditional manner. When it comes to the Balfolk we take time out to informally explain the steps. This takes about the same time as calling a ceilidh dance - so you get just as much dancing in!

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