Sawney White Bird - Ceilidh and Balfolk band in Oxford

We are a trio made up of Ravi Sawney, Heather White and Jane Bird.

Ravi Sawney plays melodeon and sings. In the past he has played fiddle, nyckelharpa in several ensembles including Pach Pi, Penumbra, Deuxhom, and appears in a duo with Anna Pack. Ravi is an experienced instructor in balfolk and continental dance.

Heather White plays saxophones and whistles. She also plays with Mouse and Trousers, has played with Monty's Maggot and The Old Chappel Band, as well as being a resident musician with Black Fox Productions.

Jane Bird plays concertinas, mouth organ and bagpipes and sings. She is an accomplished caller working on the English ceilidh scene.

SWB :: Ceilidh, Balfolk and Breton dance music

We love music, and we love dancing - we provide ceilidh music for your traditional English ceilidh, and also have a large repertoire of French, Breton and continental Balfolk, drawn from traditional and contemporary sources, plus our own compositions.

We focus on getting a light and luscious sound, occasionally going for big and rhythmic renditions. We aim to provide an exciting evening!

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Fri Jul 19 10:14:35 BST 2024